Yeah: You

At Cloak, we recognize extraordinary when we see it! YOUnique in every universe, including the ones you've conquered or creatively dismantled, there's truly no one else like you. But let's shift the spotlight for a moment.
So, here’s the lowdown: Welcome to the paradox that is Cloak. We masquerade as a clothing brand, but let's cut through the chatter. We're an uprising in apparel form, dreamt up by the one and only Markiplier. Think of us not just as a brand, but as a conspiracy of the creative, hidden in plain sight for those in the know.
Our mission has been clear from the start: to reveal the extraordinary hidden within the ordinary. And here you are, proof of our success. You’re here because you’re smart, sly, and a bit of a rule-breaker—just our type. You’ve stumbled upon the inner circle, and trust us, it’s no accident. So, feel free to let the cat out of the bag, or don’t. Your call, as long as they’re as cool as you.

Pull up a chair, friend. Around here, it’s sometimes a wild ride, sometimes a ghost train, but always a blast. At Cloak, we’re about more than just looking good—we’re about doing good, stirring the pot, and having a damn good time doing it. Welcome to the madness.

Listen, we’re amazing, but we’re only amazing because of YOU: the living, breathing, beating heart of Cloak. You are all a part of the community that supports it, every snarky, silly last one of you. And because we don’t exist without you, what else could we do besides turn the spotlight around and give you the love you deserve.

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We believe that everything we do should be foundationally good. Yes, that includes the quality of our work, but also making sure we give back to the community around us. We’ve worked with, or donated to, so many philanthropies over the years and we’re committed to continuing to do so. Below is an ever-growing list of our partners.