Doing Good Partners

We know the power of your potential. We know how creative, smart, clever, delightful, and fantastic you are. How do we know? Because you are here. How lucky for you. I think congratulations are in order.


You are officially in on the secret. Don't go telling everyone, unless they are like you and then maybe it’s okay. Will leave that entirely to your discretion. You have our permission. Well maybe not Jack’s but probably Mark’s - really depends on if it's a Tuesday and it’s raining, you know what we mean so WELCOME FRIEND. Sometimes it will be very fun, sometimes it will be very scary, but it will ALWAYS be good because at Cloak we DO GOOD THINGS.

AND To anyone who doesn’t understand the above, please go away. If you need a shorter explanation to relay to whomever your cohorts are you can copy paste this - Cloak is a Gaming Lifestyle Brand that believes together we can Do Good Things. So we do.